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A Guide to Baking Dishes and Ramekins


When you are not familiar with the kitchen wares, at first glance you will notice that the ramekins and custard cups are on of one the only difference is that the size and shape. For any casual cook, there is a great tendency that they can be interchanged for common purposes. Both of the baking dish actually works well for an individual portions of food such as condiments and desserts. But for those specialty dishes such as souffles and creme brulee then this is time wherein the shape of the dish matters a lot.


To give you a closer look at the creme brulee ramekins, this baking dish can be identified for their straight sides and these features is quite important in achieving the necessary rise for any dishes such as the creme brulee. The small dishes on the other hand and is often round usually holds 6 ounces but of course there is also 4 and 8 ounces containers that are available in the market. The baking dish ramekins is the most common but it is also made from a heatproof glass as well as stoneware. There are a lot of ramekins that also feature ridges on the outside and also have a horizontal band on top and the inside of the dish is smooth and straight.


Souffles on the other hand is also made by ramekins and those similar deep dishes that have straight sides that will help souffles to rise upwards as it is being baked. The large 8 ounces cup also works perfectly for individual dishes such as the French onion soup. The wider shallow ramekins are often used in baking creme brulee and because of the shallow depth, it is easy to access the top of the dish with a torch. Baking custards, bread pudding dishes and small cobbler is easy to make in individual portion with the help of ramekins baking dishes. You can also make tasty option that you can serve your guests individually is the shepherd's pies placed in an oval ramekin or round ramekins. The smaller ramekins are great for service salads dressing and dip for you guests. For more details about online shopping, visit http://edition.cnn.com/2010/TECH/gaming.gadgets/11/24/online.shopping.electronics/.


Custard cups on the other hand has standard sizes of 4, 6 and 8 ounces and they have a sloped or fluted sides which means that the top is wider than that of the base. This dish actually resembles a teacup or a oatmeal bowls. Custards cups are made with ceramic and are often made of heatproof and clear glass. These types of dishes do not have the equivalent of a shallow and wide ramekins that are used other than that of a souffles.